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Export Lava Texture

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well, the shading is happening at render time, so it´s a Mantra thing.

On the other hand, what Mantra is doing is nothing but reading some attributes that drive the shading, so if you can export those attributes to Lightwave as part of the geometry, then you can certainly replicate what the shader does in Lightwave with gradients and such.

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yes, it's a bit difficult getting my head around this.


the shading is based on the velocity, but it's a bit difficult exporting that to LightWave.

i'm thinking maybe i could use eetu's LW motion blur plugin somehow...


the other option is to render a curved greyscale of the lava in Houdini, through camera view.

then map on, and use the exact same camera view in LightWave.


it'd be easier to do it in Houdini of course, though that means learning shading / rendering in Mantra...

character animations would be imported from LightWave via MDD.


this one is tricky...  :)

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