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Working with grains, I'm trying to use "Enable Rigid Shape Matching" (@enablerigids) on a partial mesh but I've been unsuccessful so far.

The docs doesn't even cover if it's a point or primitive attribute.

Since it's a checkbox, does it have to be an integer? Or maybe it's not even possible to map those checkbox attributes in grains?

Same thing with "Break Constraints" (@constraintbreak), although on that one you have a threshold so you can use that.

So, any insight on this? Thanks!

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Tamte on the Houdini forum found the solution:


"Enable Rigid Shape Matching checkbox is not directly controlable by an attribute, it's just a switch 

but you can add primitive attribute called isrigid to your constraint geometry to control rigidity of the constraints if you have that switch enabled 

so if that attribute is present and Enable Rigid Shape Matching is enabled, each connected island of constraints marked @isrigid=1 will be treated as rigid and @isrigid=0 will stay as "soft" constraints"

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