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Houdini water disappear!


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Hi, I am trying to pour water into my beer glass. After some frames, water doesn't fill up the cup and just disappears.

I tried to figure this out for days. I appreciate any help. 




p.s. I cannot attach beercup.obj file in here. I use this website for the first time. So, I don't know the system.... 





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if you lock the file node that reads in the obj, it will embed the geo in your hip file.  then you can upload that file and all geo will be present.


right click the file sop and you should find the option to lock.

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ok, yeah, we can't see the cup because you need to embed it into your file.

but having a quick look at your set up you have two solvers in your dop network, if you want the two fluid sources to interact that isn't going to work.


check out peter quints tutorials on vimeo, they are really good at detailing the set up required for creating interaction between flip fluids.




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