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smoke trail help


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Thanks, I think its helping. What about the age of the smoke? When I make a flipbook it seems like the rate at which it enlarges closer to the source isn't fast enough, which is making it appear like there's the gap in the renders.  I tried multiplying constant, but it's not really what I'm looking for. Any other suggestions? thanks

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Hi Dan,

You need more particles or to make the particles bigger.

To make more particles change the Impulse Count to something like 30.

To make the particles bigger increase pscale. For your scene,  pointvop1>fit1>Desination Min from 0 to 3.


You'd profit much more from learning/using point clusters with a smoke sim. Check the docs for Pyro Cluster. Its purpose is to create many smaller sims to better capture long or broken up emitters/sims. The down side is the requirement to use points instead of sdf for the source. This means weaker sources which can be pumped up to counteract. The larger downside is the smaller sims can't "talk" to each other.

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