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Hi everybody,


So it doesn't seem to be possible to include GUI_DetailLook, in an HDK plug-in.  As GUI_DetailLook includes GUI_GroupData which isn't exposed.


I suppose that should be considered a bug, no?  If any other headers include GUI_DetailLook(or GUI_GeoRender) they'll be sure to fail as well.  Does anyone have any experience with that?



Also rendering an active selection inside a tool state?  Is there a way to use the existing tools or would one need to recreate them?

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The HDK plugin wrapper for GUI_DetailLook is DM_GeoDetail. You get get this from DM_VPortAgent:




You can also grab a list of DM_GeoDetails for Qpaque, Transparenct, Unlit and XRay objects (some objects may be in more than one list). See DM_VPortAgent.h.


GUI_DetailLook is not exported for HDK use.

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