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Hi all,


It's a bit of a noob question (I've checked the help docs before coming here to no avail), but I was hoping someone could give me a super simple answer? :)


Basically, I have a PointVOP setup which is using noise to color points, and is using the same output to displace points along normals.


Now, what I would like to add to my node interface is a toggle switch parameter that turns on/off displacements.


Sounds simple, but I just can't figure out what node(s) i need to add to my vops to get this to work!?


Any help very much appreciated! :D

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Add a 2 way switch, connect your displaced and non-displaced inputs, and the output to P.


Promote the 'condition' parameter, name it something nice, exit the vopnet and get back into sops.


Edit the parameter interface, select your newly named parameter, and change its type to toggle.


See attached. :)




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