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Creating a night sky with particles from Table Import points

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I'm pretty new to houdini particle stuff, and I'm trying to figure out how to turn a .csv of points into particles that I want to render into a night skybox. 

The csv contains position, color, size and intensity of 120,000 closest stars to Earth. 

I can successfully load in the points via a TableImport node, or via a python script which loops through lines, and creates node.geometry() createPoint(). 


If I plug the tableimport node into a Particles node, then stuff happens, but I think it's trying to spawn particles from those points. I want to make the points themselves into particles, with position, size, intensity and color.


And once I spawned stuff, how would I reference the (color, size etc) data from the table?


PS: If anyone wants the original star data: http://astronexus.com/node/34


houdini particles v2.hipnc


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