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Mantra rendering - multiple passes at the same time?

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Hello -

I have a smoke sim that takes a long time to render. I need to render the smoke's beauty pass, and then its shadow on the ground, separately.  I have the ground set up with a shadow matte, working nicely.. 

Now I'm stuck. I either need to :

1- set up an AOV with an image plane that isolates the shadow and / or the smoke by itself  - which I don't know how to do. (as it is now, the shadow's alpha lives in the primary alpha channel, combined with the smoke's alpha)


2- set up two separate Mantra nodes, with the respective objects specified. The problem is, I believe that will take literally twice as long to render - is that the case? Would Houdini have to render the entire thing twice, or is there some magic in ROPs that fixes this?

thanks for any suggestions!


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