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Using Hide When to target parms that are inside of a multiparm block

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I am trying to set up some contextualization on a digital asset where I have surface features like doors and windows that are able to be added through a multiparm that are on buildings added by a multiparm.  Yay nested multiparms.  I got all of the referencing working for the most part (still have one experiment that I am trying to get working right, but that is for another day).  Right now I am trying to make it so my controls for each asset type are contextualized based on what the asset is, rather than always being visible.  I am attaching an image of my setup and the conditional that isn't working.  Basically, I want to hide the door controls when window is selected and visa versa.


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How did you come to that syntax?

I don't see it in the docs,
and also if I type in { type# 0 }, if I click "Accept" and reopen Type Properties after that, it has changed to { type# == 0 } automatically.
Of course I would also like to have it such: { type# != 1 }

Please help,
Many thanks

help multiparm.hiplc




Screenshot 2021-11-29 at 13.42.20.png

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