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Curve appears linear inside SOP, but appears Bezier inside AutoDop

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I'm a Houdini beginner, so apologies if this is a bit of a simple question

I've created a curve at obj level, that I want to follow the path of a pipe geometry

My plan is to then use this curve as a popcurveforce to drive particle velocity, pulling the particles up the pipe

My problem is that the curve will appear to be linear in the SOP geometry, but when I point my popcurveforce at the same SOP, it appears as a bezier curve in my autodop network

I've attached my .hipnc file, I'm working in Houdini Apprentice 15

If anyone can provide some wisdom it'd be much appreciated! Thanks!

oil pump.hipnc

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On 04/05/2016 at 1:57 PM, mine said:

I'm not sure, but maybe you should look at the parameter "guide spacing" in the "guide" tab of the POP Curve Force node. Lower it to 0.1 and you should see your curve right

Thanks Mine, worked perfectly!

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