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particle fire rocket question


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Hello masters,

Having some problem with particles up here. In atachment you'll find simple hip file. Simple fire shader atachet to particles. Open it and render frame 25 and 70. I want to have effect like in 70 but in every frame. I mean, I want to have nice fire comming out of engine and rest of the smoke on the end in all animation. How to do that?




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Didn't mention it's H 5.5.

Found some clue thanks to Jerry from Framestore which is giving particle color in Pop and then in Sop in copy op (attribute tab) selecting Copy Template Point Attribute. Works fine when we work with Material - ataching white noisy Material to whole geo reads color from pop and giving nice ramp effect. But it doesn't work with Shader !!! :angry: Why? Dunno. Don't want to use Material when it normally doesn't exist in H5.5. Can anyone help? Jasooooooon!! Neeeeeed yoooooooour heeeeeeeeelp heeeeeeeeere!! :(

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