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This is something I've been working for the last few months - I don't have the finished film with the live action intercut but I'd be interested to hear other forumers' comments anyway.

I left in some shots [like the close-ups of the arm and belly] that were not used as they were early tests and don't really work with the other shots. This version is more for showreel / show and tell.



I should add some more technical details. All Houdini except for the body scan itself and the Felix head which was modelled in Maya.

The mocap data was very clean already so didn't need any clean up but there was a lot of self penetration of the skin when it was rigged and also floor penetrations and things like that that needed cleaning up. The fur sims needed quite a bit of post processing [also because of geometry interpenetration].

Render time was about 8 mins / frame for a wide shot, 30 mins per frame for the most extreme head close ups. I used a principled shader for the head which is a great shader but I found can get pretty slow. These times were doubled because everything was rendered through 2 cameras - not actual stereo but for display on the 2 screens.

For anyone in the North West of the UK, it's on here at the moment. It's an Arts Council England commission, part of their 70th anniversary celebrations and it will be travelling elsewhere once it's left sunny Blackpool.

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I have nooo idea what I am watching xD, it does look quite reallistic though :) (in the sense that it looks a real life action mocap shoot in the actual render)

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Ha, I guess it is a bit opaque! There is a bit of info on that page lower down in case you're interested. I'll try and add some more when I get chance... But basically it's a guy in a fur onesie with a Felix The Cat mask on. The general look-reference for it was along the lines of backstage at a cosplay event in a conference centre...

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