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UV(W) coordinates (in the Ray SOP, Refine SOP etc.)


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Please, have you seen a good tutorial (or pdf) about the Houdini model UV(W)s used by the Ray SOP, Refine SOP etc.?

For example I would like to use the "hitprimuv" from the RAY SOP (or xyzdist vex function), but I dont have elementary knowledge about the UVs :(
Also, for example on the Polygon Box, there seems to be no "V" when I try to use Refine SOP.
And what about deforming objects and their UVs?

I am a newbie so sorry for this confused question. Please, where should I start to get into the UVs?

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The UVs these things use intrinsic face UVs (as opposed to a normal texture UV map)

But I second this, if someone knows on a lower level how they are precisely calculated, I would be interested in that as well. (I do know how you can use them with a primuv function for instance) but not really how they are calculated (especially in the case of nGons)

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I have tried to visualize those intristic UVs with a Visualize SOP or with scene visualizers, but I did not succeed :-/

Could anybody please create a setup, that visualizes those UVs? Then we could experiment and understand it better, how those UVs behave?

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here is simple example of visualizing primuvs for polygons and from that is quite obvious how they are calculated (they slightly differ for tri, quad, n-gons)

for curves and NURBS primitives they logically match the u and v directions


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