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Creating a Realistic Gun Impact System

tushar v1

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Hello Everyone,

I am rookie in houdini and currently i`m struggling in making a gun impact system in houdini, which should have a characteristic to make dents according to the properties where the bullets like metal, concrete wall, brickwall, wood etc. Please help me. A help with a hip file will be nice and helpful more to me 


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You are going to have a hard time trying to get people to help you if you don't provide a file of your attempt or even showing where you are getting stuck at. While I understand that you are a rookie in houdini, I would suggest going through some learning material first and learning about the solver sop (deformations), particles (for chunks of wall), and volumetrics (if you want to do the smoke).

Also, doing a quick search on the forums already brings up some topics:



They should have some examples in there also if you really need them. They are older from the looks of it but, the same logic can be applied and be updated. 

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