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how much time u guy company spent on rnd


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Actually i work in malaysia,there are very few company in malaysia using houdini in their workflow.how much time u guy company spent in rnd.In houdini for me everything is no 100% sure,because most of the time everything is built this from scratch,and also i can't sure i can done certain effect in certain time.how do u guy suggest me

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It depends on the specific shots. Sometimes it's a few percent of the time put towards a shot, sometimes it's the majority of time put towards a shot. It's not uncommon for several weeks or a month to be set aside for R&D on very complex projects. It also depends on how much experience someone has. A shot that could take me a couple weeks to figure out might take someone else a few days if they've done something similar in the past.

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thank bro,that really help me.by the way,how is the process going i mean after art direction is confirmed then start doing rnd stuff, or u guy done the rnd part before a project start.Certainly no likely to tell client we no capable to create or achieve what the client ask to change .What would u do if u guy meet this situation?

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