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Maybe someone should show them Derivatives Touch software. Surely if it is designed for artists and designers it should be a visual programming language like Houdini or Touch.


Yeah, I was wondering about Touch too. It can do some pretty nice stuff, mixing 2d and 3d for you. The loop constructs help too - using CopyStamp loops are so much harder a way to think in, IMHO. I suppose for some people 20 lines of text right next to each other is easier than diving in and out of networks with the logic scattered about in the various parameters.

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Ever since VOPs came out I've been wondering if anyone will ever write something similar that can handle a full on hard core programming language like C++. It wouldn't be exactly like VOPs but I could see being able to create classes as nodes and make instances of them, wiring inputs and outputs so that you could visually see what data was getting passed around maybe it could work. It would probably not be able to handle large programs but for say HDK stuff maybe or definately something like what they are trying to do with "Processing", it could open up programming to a different type of mindset.

Admitedly even with VOPs I often get half way through something and then wish I'd just written the code by hand, but other times it really seems to be quicker and more open for experimentation. On a side note I like to see the inline VOP be expanded a bit so that you can more easily add a large chunk of hand written code into the middle of a VOP network.

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On a similar note have any of you ever seen/used Quest 3D? It's in the same vein. It uses a VOPs-like interface to allow you to visually program realtime DirectX Demos and games. I played with it a long time ago. The one drawback to it was that it's very high level which limits what you can do with it, however it was fun and easy to use and it does support many modern graphics card features.


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