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Houdini environment hdr Cop2 question.


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First off, I love this software. It's amazing.

And perplexing. I hope the penny will drop soon and I have a eureka moment.

My question: I'm attempting to beef up the contrast on a HDR by making a COP2 network (which I renamed cop) and doing a levels adjustment. I then set the scene's environment light map to reference that cop2 network (as it's environment map). As per a tutorial I viewed it suggests typing in op:/obj/cop - in the online tutorial this works perfectly - yet when I try this in 15.5 (apprentice) it renders the sky in it's texture-not-found dull pink colour (which is nothing like the HDRI map). Any help or suggestions welcome. Thanks.


I guess the question boils down to why is the OP expression not calling the cop network.


The original tutorial (the hdri bit starts at 21.40)



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It's stored in obj


Another thing: In the tutorial when he is entering the op expression in the environment map field houdini throws up options which it doesn't do when I enter the same data. So houdini isn't recognising the op expression. Hmmm.

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