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What's better for heavy sims and renders? Xeon or i7?

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I will build a workstation specifically for sims and renders by december, I do a lot of heavy sims and also plan to use Blender, Unreal Engine, Substance Painter, etc. I am really confused between Xeon processors and core i7. My budget is around $ 2500.

I cannot decide what will be best for me? Dual Xeon processors or single core i7 (in my case, 6800K). I am planning build a workstation that I can upgrade later and keep on adding as the time demands. I would probably stick to GTX 1070 and would really want a liquid cooler for both my CPUs and my GPU. So, I will need a good cabinet that supports 3 liquid coolers and a good PSU that can power up everything.

Please suggest me with what to buy? a Core i7 6800K with 6 cores or a Xeon ( I add another xeon later, as my budget is tight ).

If Xeon, then please suggest me a Xeon that is compatible with dual processor and a Mobo with dual socket.

The main question is Dual Xeon or Single Core i7 6800K? (or if anything better about to launch at the same pricelist)

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