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2 types of displacement on voronoid geometry


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I am working on a destruction sim, I have been given a lower res Z-brush sculpt which I displace at rendertime. If I apply the map to the voronoid geometry the inside pieces and outside piece tear away from each other as the geo is not inheriting the maps displacment.

I am currently getting over this by transferring the normals and uv's from the cliff mesh to the inside with a blend mask mixing the original normals, whilst it's doing the job it's causing a lot of artifacts, especially on the edges.

I've attached an example file on a cube where I am trying to get the the inside pieces inherit the displacement from the outside. The aim would be to have a the texture based displacement on the outside and nearest points, and then blend to a noise based displacement.

Any ideas for workflow?


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So, looking a bit more into it, I think the that issue is transferring the UV's. But this is where I am stuck, I imagine I may have to segment the UVs nearer the surface. Any clean and clever tricks would be helpful...

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