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Selective(random) bricks fracturing HELP

Screenglow VFX

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Hello guys,

I have a beginner question,if someone can help.I have a brick wall (simple box copied on x and then on y) and I want to fracture inside a loop network.Some of the bricks I want to leave them intact and some of them to fracture.In the end I will have random bricks fractured and other bricks intact.I want to use an expression or some other approach so that inside the loop node the bricks to be fracture are selected randomly.

Which is the best approach with this?


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after you copied your box in sops, plug in a connectivity sop set it to primitive. get a primitive wrangle and type in: 

@group_frag = (random(i@class)<0.5);

now you have approx half of your boxes set in a group called frag. blast sop all not inside that group and feed that into your loop. (btw you dont need to loop over them, you can fracture them all at once, just make sure that @class attribute is copied over to new fragments).

merge that result to the bevor blasted prims.

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