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It seems like the there are 3 options:

*/ excise the MessageBox() calls in the source and recompile the library. Easy.

*/ provide our own definition for MessageBox()

*/ figure out a way to link in a .dll - can we even do this with the HDK?

... any preference? I'd just find it useful if we didn't have to compile the library -and instead just download the .lib file.

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I don't know anything about ODE, but MessageBox() sounds to me like a Windows system call, which can be found in User32.lib. So you just have to include that in your link paths (I think you can add it to the DEFAULTLIB: option on the linker command line). I think the HDK should let you link against user32.lib without too much pain.

If this has nothing to do with the Windows MessageBox() call, please ignore/delete, I will return quietly to my crawlspace.


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