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[novice] Packed primitives/File Cache/Alembic


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Hi all,

I am trying to work out the difference: If I have finished a complex polygon model and want to continue to build on my scene, should I store my model with the pack SOP, with the file cache SOP or with the Alembic SOP? What is the difference in efficiency between those? I couldn't find a clear description on scene optimization anywhere.


Big thanks

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Alembic is usually used to exchange data between different software packages (Houdini, Maya, Max, etc.).

Packed geometry works very well when you have many objects like instances or RBD objects. It can conserve a lot of memory with a lot of geometry.

If you look to temporary cache data (geometry, particles, volume), you can just use native format for houdini "geo, bgeo". Just use "File Cache" SOP or one of the other available nodes. *.sc or *.gz means that file compression is used.

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