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attaching fracturing geometry to an animated base

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Hey, i am trying to do an effect where a wooden skybridge is being blown apart by a cannon.

I have been given a set animation of the bridge floor which has been specifically animated and i have pinned voronoi fractured wooden planks to that. I then want to procedurally destroy the planks using keyframed objects when they collide.

At this current stage i kind of have a working setup but having attached the planks to the animated floor using DOPImport and Transform pieces i seem to be getting a strange offset. 

By narrowing down the previous nodes it appears that the poffset is coming from the voronoi fracture node but i cant seem to fix it. Any ideas? Or any ideas on how to better set this up?



*Scene file is attached.


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you need to add timeshift and stop it at first frame for rest position and then feed that to 3rd input of transform pieces. it will work.

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