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I will put in this topic my personal projects. Difficult to see when it is a finished work as I always want to improve it but it 's also time consuming.

I start with this scene. Model was build in blender / 3d coat. lighting, rendering and simulation in Houdini. Mantra is pretty good, it tooks about 3min / frame with caustics

The whale was animated with the fem solver



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Another scene : River. Model build with 3d coat and Houdini. I have some problems with caustics on rocks (likes  GI flick) I incresead the number of photons but it still weird. But I learn a lot with mantra.

edit : I 'm curently working and studying fluid simulations and I would like to improve my "river" scene with new things I learned. Here a test with only the foam / fluid render.


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On 30/12/2016 at 7:47 PM, stickman said:

If you ever do a tutorial or make a tool... commercial or not. Let me know :-)
I'm finding the learning curve into houdini fairly steep.

true, it 's a long way to learn it but all good things take time :-)  keep going !

Edit : it's part of bigger scene i'm working on so may be when it will be  finished, I will try to make a tutorial but I have a big french accent :-)

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I start this new scene ( there is still a lot to do ) after seen the amazing  making of 'The Shallows '  from ILP. The shark is still a base mesh made with blender, the animation with Houdini fem solver, I 'm going to make details and textures with 3D-coat. Also I try to improve my renders with Mantra and fluid simulation and I think I learn a lot ; So I came back to the 'river' scene I made to improve it and continue some tests with flip solver. And I will finish this one after.


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