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Suggestions on how to create this image (or one like it)


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I've been working with Houdini for about 5 months, but I'm still a beginner !  I have an attached an image which came from  NASA.  This image appeared on their public FB site and I took a screenshot of it.   Can anyone suggest techniques in Houdini to recreate an image like this ?   My first thoughts  (1) model a wire coil to create the basic coiled cyclic structure (2) particle emission along length of wire emitter - maybe wire itself is not rendered.  (2) there are also some clouds/volumetric stuff going on.  (3) custom shader for particles to get the glowing emission effects towards center (4) star field background - could be just a image comped but could done with points, scattering on a plane or volume.  Any thoughts - am I far off ?


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