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unified noise parameter mess


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Having trouble when there is two (or more I gess)  unified noise in the same vop, the parameters do not promote nicely.

Doing nothing before promoting the second noise parameters  result in a mess.
Putting all the parameters of the first noise in a folder at sop level in the "edit parameter interface" result in random corrupt parameters in the second noise i.e. output range toggle not expanding the necessary parameters or duplicates of parameters not in the noise node)

Any idea on how to do it properly?
Is this a referenced bug?


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this is not an answer to the question really but I don't recommend very much using unified noise for performance reasons. it can become really slow sometimes (I haven't investigated too much why is that). in general I find more comfortable working with simpler noise types. I think there is nothing more to the unified noise other than having all available noise types under the one hood.

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Just tried it and it worked for me. All the second parameters get a number added. How I did it was by opening the parameter interface editor first. Create the folders and then dive in the VOP network. Then just created the input parameters for the first noise. They immediately appeared in the parameter interface editor and I dropped them into the first folder. Then the process was repeated for the second noise. No problems, errors or corrupt parameters. I am on Houdini 15.5.565.

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