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Houdini $EYE variable

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I'm a little unsure of what this variable is for, except maybe showing an anaglyph the OpenGL viewport.


Does SOHO use it at all?  Is there anything I can do to hack it?


For example, making my own custom multiprojection camera rig and using the $EYE variable for custom behavior.



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Hi, I only know it as a camera ("eye") position in shading context. You can use it for projection from currently rendered camera or some sort of "depth shading" for instance.


I'm not aware this even exists outside of the shading context but you can always bring in camera position(s) as a parameter in VOP for instance... depends what exactly do you want to do.

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The $EYE variable is the current view for a stereo camera.

If you create a stereo camera, you can control what is used in the 3d viewport. To change the value, you can use menu->edit->Stereo Eye. If you echo the $EYE, you can see the values. 




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