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Yet Another Scripting Challenge

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Hey guys,

Ok, so now I'm trying to create SOPS using a tcl script. Using opscript, I can see basically what I want the script to do to build my SOPs. But a parameter in the SOP has a point() function rather than an explicit value. So in my script, I want to do this:

hscript chkey -f 1 -v 0 -m 0 -A 0 -F 'point("../sort1", 0, "P", 0)' building/rangestart

(simplified example)

I get the message: "extra characters after close-quote", and have narrowed it down to the back-ticks, which I've tried to shield with a "\", but that doesn't work. Without them, I can't set the parameter value properly.

So how do I work with the tcl interpreter and the hscript interpreter so that I can set a parameter to an expression? Any ideas?

Thanks guys, you rock!

BTW: Didn't mean to not thank you for help on the last problem. I had asked the same question on the sidefx forum and got an answer there and didn't check back here until just now.

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