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mask vdb reshape problem

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I am trying to mask the Close operation so that it is only applied in the spherical gag without affecting the rest of the shape.

I am doing something wrong but I can't figure what.  Can anyone help out?


mask vdb reshape.hip

mask close operation.jpg

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Hi Ben. Thanks for giving it a try. I am afraid however that it doesn't work. If you use higher offset we should see the hole close more but nothing happens both in my version and yours.

I made an example that achieves the closing of the hole without affecting the rest of the geometry but with the use of  VDB Combine nodes just to illustrate what should happen with higher offset values.

The reason I want to use a masked vdb reshape is so that I can paint the mask attr in the region I want to protect. 



mask vdb reshape 2.hip

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BUG SideFX support that the masking is wack. The mask does have a net effect on the nodes operation i.e. if you disconnect it the affected area is noticeable especially once polygonized again. However it's seems to do a minimum operation of the VDB reshape or VDB smooth, etc before the masking is considered dulling the sharp edges outside the VDB mask area.

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