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Voronoi piece point offset


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Hey guys,

I've encountered an issue with the voronoi Fracture. It's hard to explain so I will go ahead and post the images as well as the .hip file. How can I avoid the cracking/offset of the surfaces happening in the fracture? Dividing/Triangulizing seems to solve the problem, but introduces an unwanted look.

I'm happy for any help.










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Okay so after doing some testing, it seems that the problem is created when the Voronoi Fracture creates edges where the incoming geometry does not have planar faces. So basically, if you just append a Divide SOP before doing anything else, you're good to go. The issue you had with the pig's head was just that your Divide SOP was only going into the Voronoi Fracture node rather than also feeding into the Iso Offset SOP.



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