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Houdini 16 Amarok event London - anyone going?

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hi guys sorry if there is a thread on this?  Is anyone off here going to this event in London on 6th February?  I was surprised to receive an invitation for it.  I'm based in Warrington which is:

1) vfx limbo in the uk - i mean the place sucks balls... its logistic truck centres, tanning salons and bookies amidst a sea of grime and misery.

2) its about a 5 hour drive from there to London (thanks to our "smart" motorways that just make everything a misery and completely offset any time saved on the toll road).

anyway i'll be there for the evenings event so it would be fantastic if any of you are going off here as well?  hope to see some of you there :)  I'll only be there for a few hours then i gotta drive back again but i'm looking foward to it and seeing whats coming in h16


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