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DOP data structure

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Hi ! i'm trying to get a better understanding regarding DOP data in houdini ! i can not find any detailed info 

the only way for me is just digging it myself. Starting from a simple experiment. 

lets say i have an RBD object and try to attach some data to it.

as far as i know the solver looks for the specific data and change object's state according to that data.

for example RBD solver looks for the Forces subdata and change objects position.

if i create gravity force - Forces/Gravity subdata is created on specific objject and this object falls down to the ground. It works even if i rename Forces/Gravity to something Like Forces/Blablabla

Well!  Assuming this, instead of creating gravity force, i create an empty data named like Forces/Down and set "force" option to [0,-1000,0] with "modify data" operator. then with "apply data" operator i attach this data to object. (It's seen in Geometry spreadsheet tab) But when i press play button - nothing happens. 

Where did i make mistake ? 

or someone could point me to somewhere where i could find an extra info about DOP's inner matters? Houdini help is not much clear from this point of view

Just in case i attach hip file. here 

Thanks in advance ! 





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Hi Nikolas, casually I've been experimenting on the same, and by searching inside the "RBD Auto Freeze node" I learned how this node takes the existing data, and modifies it to make new data and use it to apply forces on the geometry.

If you check my file you'll see I did something similar just to test it, and also applied some to the "motion" DOP I hope it is some useful to you.


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