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Isolate just a point from point rings

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I'm doing this Mold forest..I'm struggling with the UVs..

I have this tubes like structures , I create two groups , the bottom and top rings ....so I can run a shortestes path node to drw the seam path , the problem is that I must have one of this two groups with only one point per ring to draw only ONE path...

This Tubes are part of a model wich I split on threee parts, the floor, this tubes, and the tips..  

for the tips the technique works perfectly  so you can see what I want to achieve on the hip file ...

It's difficult to explained I guess... This image show the top ring group..



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So you need to remove all the points from the point group except for one?

I can't run Houdini on my laptop but I would say off hand the easiest way to do that would be something like this in a point wrangle

if (@ptnum % NumberOfPointsOnARing > 0)
  i@group_topedges = 0;

That should isolate the first point on the ring.  Basically this uses the modulo operator to find the point number that divides without a remainder into the number of points in the ring.  Under most circumstances it should work, however a sort sop for example would break it.

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Thanks !, I will try that and see what's up!

mmm I will not be able to use this technique because rings have different amount of point between 15 and 17, sooo some give me 1 point, others 2 , other non, a little mess...

but you know I found a work around, I'll post the final at wip section on this days.. thanks any way ;) 

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Hi, would this work for you?
I created an attribute based of the primitive vertex number to hold information coming from the earlier stages of the network graph, passing it all the way down to be used as an edge seam.


I also had to add a facet with cusping prior to flattening the uvs because I couldn't get the mold stems to fan out.

I was also looking into passing it through a for loop, but I'm worried that the setup would very much slow down even more.

What is your computer specs? My PC takes processing of the whole network way too long, I had to scale down your topmost circle SOP in order to work on just a portion of it. :lol:

Inside the hip file, the one's that I added/modified are colored neon green.
H15.5.673 Indie

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