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From group_nameX to intenger attribute


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 need some help.
After using duplicate node. I marked "Create Output Groups" for the copies as: zone$CY
Now I have some groups inside primitives spreadsheet named group:zone1group:zone2 | group:zone3..etc, with values 0 or 1.
I need to create a new intenger attribute named "zone" only with the number of the zone,

and then finally delete the groups. all this with attribute wrangle.

Thanks in advance.

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string groups[] = detailintrinsic(0, "primitivegroups");

foreach(string s; groups){
    if (inprimgroup(0, s, @primnum)){
        i@zone = opdigits(s);


There is no way to delete groups in VEX as far as I know. You will need to add a Group SOP and go to the Edit tab, then Delete and type zone*

Edited by Jero3d
Updated so it works with any number of groups, it would break after 10 groups before, new code should be fine
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Thanks a lot Jero3D,

I saw that solution before in the forums but I dont understand why didnt work before.
I also solved in another ugly way, (except there is no value for zone0).
name (group mask: zone*)
attribstringedit (From: zone . To: *empty*)


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using Name SOP for that purpose it's not an ugly way, that's one of it's uses

the ugly part is keeping the number as a string, why don' tyou just keep the name?, you can always extract int from is using opdigits() VEX function when needed

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