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konstantin magnus

VEX function: uvunwrap // Accessing position and normals based on UV

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Hi, I am trying to access the position and normals of an object based on UV coordinates with VEX. In the documentation the VEX function "uvunwrap" seems to be a good choice, however ..

vector pos;
vector nml;
float u = chf('u');
float v = chf('v');
float time = @Time;

uvunwrap(u, v, time, pos, nml);

addpoint(0, pos);

.. is asking for a string, which is not mentioned in the documentation.


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uvunwrap(@OpInput1,u, v, time, pos, nml)

That should solve it, you should file a bug report for that.  I'm pretty using @OpInput1 has been depreciated.

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