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I3d Shaders

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Ok i reworked the metacloud and texfog shaders that come with houdini a bit (added support for color , colornoise ... ) . These are quite early versions of the shaders and there might be some errors in them so use them at your own risk :P

I would be more then happy to get some feedback about things that dont work and what you think should be added featurewise to the shaders.



edit : What i forgot : the shader pics up the color from point attributes

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Ok i updated the Texfog shader a bit to support different filtering for Color and Noise and fixed 1 or 2 problems.

Heres the updated archive :



Hey SvenP

Thanks for the otl, ive been dying to play wiff it :-) the minute i have some time though :)

all the best

aracid :blink:

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