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I control the direction of the wind field with the direction of an object


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Get the Object Centroid. Get the velocity of that point.

Now in the Wind Field DOP, under the direction parameters, read the velocity using a point expression for each of the respective axis. You can multiply that value by -1, if you want the Wind blowing in the opposite direction.

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Ok I did it. Tks!

But now I'm trying something a bit different. 

Now I would like to find the velocity of the faces of a rotating object. Then This object will be a volume that will control the amount of wind on a grass field, this part is working, I just need to be able to transfer the velocity vector of the poly faces to the wind direction.

I think I'm almost there.

I've attached a simple scene





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Im attaching my file.


I want to use that object to control the wind force on a field of grass. A part of it it's working. I can affect the hair using the volume of the object and with your help I can get the vel. 


But I don't know how to pass that value, per point, to the Wind Velocity. CHOPS might be the solution, I've watched and read loads of stuff by now but I still can't figure it out.






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9 hours ago, MarioD said:

Cool, so you replaced the DOP net that I had in the file?

More or less yes, you can still use the same setup inside the Guide Sim DOP instead, just add the multi-solver setup with the sop solver.

Although I honestly haven't used the hair tools in Houdini yet, there might be other methods intended to do the same or similar effect :D

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Yup, something like that. In addition to giving access to all the SOP context nodes, the default nodes (dop import) contains the data of the current sim for you to freely process as you want. In the case of the above example file, I'm simply updating the force. I hope that made sense :D

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