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Switch values within a range every second

JP Shep

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For a side project I'm working on I'm trying to create random/periodic lighting strikes.

I'm trying to get a line with animated noise on it to increase its length to a set max value, pause for a few frames, return to a length value of 0 then have it hit the max value again after holding its value again.

I have multiple [lines] with different length values (with a point VOP to create the noise)  feeding into a [switch]

I've tried using multiple expressions like floor($F/24) and $F % 2 and a fit range.

I've gotten the values to switch after 24 seconds but not switch back; and to switch back and forth but it does it every frame and it's too fast.  I've also gotten the switch to count up every X seconds (i.e. 1, pause, 2, pause, 3, pause) but not count back down.

Anyone have any ideas?

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I thought about it but I wanted to control the switch with an expression rather than keyframe it or motion motion FX

I think I figured it out though.  I have 2 different lines feeding into my [switch] one with a length value of 10 and the other with a value of 0 and then I'm using a pulse expression in my [switch] node to switch between the two values every second.

This is what I'm using right now. pulse($F % 24, 0, 12)  

Right now it's working but I may still need to tweak the values.

Although I'm not sure I can get it to pulse between more than 2 values at the moment.

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