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Can You Use A Renderman Include File

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I am venturing into RenderMan shaders and vex shaders as well, but because I don't have ready access to PR RenderMan I am going to be braking the ice with vex shaders. The syntax is close and the concepts are the same, hopefully i wont get too confused.

I am currently grappling with this tutorial http://www.rendermanacademy.com/docs/ClassFrame01.php?sel=1

and they reference the "ARMan (advanced RenderMan) libraries."

found here http://www.rendermanacademy.com/library/utilities/arman.zip

can i just put them in my vex include folder and use them or do i need to tweak them. and if so what do i need to look out for?

I believe i will come to grips more with making the vex shaders from RenderMan tutorials because it forces me to know all of the steps I am doing.

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