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Pyro Shader too transparent ?!? [Solved]

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answer = [https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/43757/?page=1#post-196028]


On Houdini 16, I create a new file, create a simple pyro simulation (e.g. Flames from the tool shelf), then when I render the result, the fire would have very low alpha?! meaning, when I compose this produced image on any background, I barely see the fire (bc alpha of the fire is close to 0), plz see attached. I never had this problem on Houdini 15.5? I've use couple material shaders (flames and fireball) but both give the same result?

Another question: In Houdini 15.5, there was a tap to create a rendering pass for Alpha channel in Pyro Shader (it was a checkbox for smoke alpha and one for fire alpha, if you click them you will get alpha masks for smoke/fire stored in the exr file), this tap is gone?! How to do the same thing in Houdini 16?


Your help is very appreciated :)







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