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Problem writing VDB from sky SOP

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I've been banging my head on a wall trying to wedge a load of sections of a cloudscape and figured out that something inside the sky SOP seems to be causing the problem.

If I make a standard VDB from poly andf write it to disc, it's fine but whenever I try and write a density VDB created by the sky SOP it comes out at 1Kb. IS it something to do with the CVEX shader inside it? I've tried using my standard VDB and using volumesample to get the density value from the sky but that also writes as a 1Kb file. Attached is a mockup file to make things clearer.

Thanks in advance for any ideas... 


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In case anyone else comes up against this problem, I found a workaround - go inside the sky SOP asset and copy and paste the contents of the CVEX shader builder inside shopnet/sky into a new volume VOP, then copy the parameters across. A bit of a hack but it's writing out properly now at least..

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