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Resample curve by width/pscale


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Anyone know of a simple way to resample a curve by pscale/width attribute - or perhaps another way to space hulls in a sweep or alike by pscale/width so lower numbers will yield higher sampling..?

And the idea is to get more square'ish quads for a setup like this, procedurally... :)



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Man, you are brilliant with VEX. Much appreciated.

Here's the direction I went - no clue how I came up with it, my brain is just auto-piloting most of the time, it's more reaction that action - not even kidding. Now, there is a relation to be set up between the pscale, the resample segment amount and the fit min/max to get this working "right" - though so far I have no clue what that formula is, but I'm pretty sure it's there, somewhere...



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Yeah, I will put this down on paper and see if I can straighten out the relationship, and it's of course based on circumference divided by segments to get the polywire, but with my current solution, I need to resample the curve to fit the overall divisions first, then delete any other points than the segment ones - it's kinda messy, to say the least.  I have a new idea for doing this using a carve in a for loop to generate the points fed into an add SOP to recreate the curve, much cleaner, but I'll dig into that tomorrow - at the earliest.

And just to be clear, if I was in production and had this issue, I'd go for your setup in a second, but as it's more generic, playing around with problem solving (the kinda stuff in the scene files I usually post on Vimeo), so I really want to find something that's easy for ppl to wrap their head around. :)

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Oh, that's really cool, Dave. That's truly my kinda hacktastic solution. :D

And the Facebook thread on this generated talk about doing this in CHOPs, so hoping for a scene file on that today or tomorrow, then I'm gonna compile the solutions into a list and zip the files for download (or collect them in a single scene file) - always great to be able to look at a different solutions for a problem, see how different people approach it.

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Absolutely. The differential curve growth thread is a great example on that as well.

And there's a lot more on this subject on the Houdini group at Facebook, in a way kinda sad the know how is so fragmented now, with the Facebook group and the Discord chat/community - forums are truly the best way to do this kinda thing, imo, as Wiki's are the best way to organize and present information - Facebook and Discord is more about the moment, not some great solution from 2 years ago, as I find at OD Force all the time.

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These are great, i had to register to download these examples but id already figured it out based on Daves comments.

not very good with VEX so this is done with a relax node and a resample before and after followed by moving the points back to a saved rest point like Dave did. this solution is nice cause i can 'paint' detail in a way... needed it for the below example where i wanted more resolution in a specific area we where the camera would be focusing!

thanks everyone for the tips!



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Funny enough, this was again asked in the Houdini Artists Facebook group and I had completely forgot about asking this back in April... Either way, here's two other SOP based solutions to this problem, the second one a bit of a joke, of course - though I have no doubt that method can be useful for some things as well... :D

v1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mjJd0vd9KUSFW79ksRc5fioeMxXnu6Bu

v2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mjJd0vd9KUSFW79ksRc5fioeMxXnu6Bu

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