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Adding to groups and using If Blocks


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Good morning,


I have an object scattered with points, using a point cloud these points are collected making a spreading noise. I want to add these into a group however the If block node is now different and not sure of the use. Maybe there is another method of doing what I want instead of using this so any information would be appreciated.


I have attached a file of the scene so far.


Thank you in advance,





spreading to groups.hipnc

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You could use the snippet node entirely instead of the if node. You could lay down the snippet node plug the pcnumfound node into it and say if(pcnumfound > 0) { @group_hello = 1; }

however this won't work since pcnumfound is only giving you the number of total points in the radius not the actual point numbers. The only way to do it and it be perfectly accurate would be to do all of your pcopens in vex in a while loop but those are more complicated especially for what you are doing. 

You can simply have a wrangle after your solver node in sops that says "if(@Cd.r > .1) { @group_hello = 1; }

that is the less accurate way but it is perfect for what you are doing. 


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