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Slicing with Intersection Analysis SOP


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Hi guys!

I want replace my old "slicer" that used a foreach and the Clip sop with the new intersection analysis sop. I almost made it but the problem is that the output of the old way was 10 primitives if the slices where 10.

If use the intersectionanalysis I get  huge amount of primitives that equals the amount of polygons and the produced curves are open (unrolled). What should I do to get 10 primitives (closed) like I had the old method?

I tried the End sop to close them but it doesn't work at all. The new polyfill kinda works but it leaves two out of ten slices "urolled"..

I want to use the intersectionanalysis sop cause it's really fast.

Any suggestions?

Slicer H16.hip

Slicer H16.jpg

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Thank you for your answer Gavin.

I am afraid it still doesn't work in my case. Turning on the "patch" option does help but I get 8 patches instead of 10.

If  I change the sphere from polygon mesh to primitive or even nurbs I do get 10 patches, so I guess the problem has to do with the initial geometry that one uses.

If there is no way around this problem there is always gonna be some kind of geo that will make the slicer fail.

Could this be a bug?



Slicer H16.001.jpg

Slicer H16.001.hip

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It could be. It seems to be creating degenerate geo in some cases, which causes the polyfill to error out.

If it helps, I got much better results out of the boolean node. I don't know how the speed stacks up against the intersection analysis sop, but it's certainly faster that going through a for each.


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thanks guys, the boolean works fine for this purpose!

By the way...what's the name of the the sop that can clean up excessive points without altering the shape. Kinda like polyreduce...

I am sure there is sop that removes points that are aligned. 

I can't remember the name..:unsure:


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