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Inflating Objects


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Its been two weeks now that I am trying to achieve an effect. I start getting stuck.

I am trying to create a SOP that would turn any object into an inflatable object.

most of my experiements aren't very convincing. :(

Here is an example of the kind of deformation I am looking for.


If anyone has a suggestion on how to achieve this effect, please let me know, that will help me to go further on my reshearch.

Thank you guys for your help.

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Here is an example of the kind of deformation I am looking for.

spring sop works beautifully for this type of thing.. might need some tweaking, but could get pretty decent results.. you might also want to try out simon's warp sop instead of the lattice used in my example.. i tried it out and it looks like it was doing a better job, but it was hard to tell because i had those horrible shootoff poly's that seems to occur in certain versions (so wierd..).. you could also venture in to pops to see if you could push it further/more complex..

as for inflating.. dunno, but wanted to give this as an example of the spring sop for it collapsing/deflating and maybe you could go from there..




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