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Vertex texture animation

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Hi, Im a Realtime VFX artist.

I'm trying to make it sure that pipeline Houdini to ue4 now (about vertex animation texture).

And First I made Rigid body animation,

but it didn't work well, Problems and question here ↓

・I couldn't Import FBX to UE4, sometime I could but I don't know why.

・Vertex animation is looks broken Even import success.  (maybe texture doesn't render correctly)

・Which node should set  geometry path?

Im using "Houdini16 Indie" and "ue4.14 SideFxSamples" Project

(Sorry I lost Dates of succeeded Import FBX to UE4)

probably those information is not enough, Let me know Please what you need,   

I'm sorry for random questions.

Thank you.






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Hi Mikelyndon Thank you so much for reply.

Sure I post here, Plaese put this "Projects" folder under your D drive.(sorry they are messy)

and also I am still trying,

I posted images about current status about this project

looks I fixed FBX problem when I make houdini sim another way,(D:\Projects\waterfallA\Houdini_work\Breaking_Bricks_B.hiplc)

but rotation is not correct..









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So there's a couple of problems with the setup.  Firstly can you download and install the latest game shelf tools in the development branch at https://github.com/sideeffects/GameDevelopmentToolset/tree/Development

Next, the tool requires packed primitives to be used in the rbd sim.  Check out the attached file to see the changes in the setup.

The other problem you're running into is that the pieces fly so far away that the max and min values are really big.  This creates precision problems.  One of the ways you can fix that is to turn off Normalize data on the ROP.  A trick I like to use is to put a bounding box around the simulation and move anything that flies too far away to a point hidden below the ground.

And finally, I think you've found an actual bug with the tool because the pivot point is being normalized even when Normalize Data is turned off.  This is what causes the pieces to rotate incorrectly.  I'll look at fixing this next week and let you know when I've made the changes.


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I appreciate your help.

I should make simulation smaller, and then change the scale in UE4, If It's possible.

and Im sorry to ask here,, I could see "RBD toFBX" So, Can I bake rbd sim to FBX?? I think its better way for use rigid body animation in UE4.

 Thank you so much.


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Yes you can bake an rbd sim to FBX.  The tool also expects packed geometry.  Even though there's no longer a limit on the number of chunks you can import as an animated mesh I would suggest you reduce the number of pieces for performance reasons.

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Yes I agree, So many pieces in my test scene, Im also working ore render animation with ue4 so its good to know though.
Thank you for infomations anyways!!

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