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Whitewater noise depending of surface field

Hans Peter

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Hey there, 

I'm trying to manipulate my whitewater a bit since the scene is taking place on some turbulent ocean. So I want to apply noise on certain conditions. One is age the other should be the distance to the surface field. Without any distance my particles which are pretty close to the water surface are quite jiggly. So if in the air, apply noise. Unfortunately its not working that well. Is the surface field recognized withing the popvop? Withing the dop flip context its accessable pretty easy. Any hints maybe? 


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Hi There


You need to import the surface field into the popvop. One of the the tabs on the popvop sets up the inputs for opinput 1-4.

Then you need to plug surface and P into the volumesample node and that will return a value indicating distance from surface either inside or outside.

Hope this makes sense. 




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