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LAT/LONG to planar map?

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First of all sorry for my english.It is my second language .My question is I have been following a tutorial of  Stefan Sietzen .he convert the lat/long data on a sphere with this formula 

float x = cos(radians(@lat)) * cos(radians(@long)) * 1;
float y = cos(radians(@lat)) * sin(radians(@long)) * 1;
float z = sin(radians(@lat)) * 1;

@P = set(x,y,z);


I tried to project it into 2D plane and connect $MAPU, $MAPV data to $P .But my map is divided from wrong place.The part America supposed to be divided in the middle.My question is is there any better way to convert lat/long data into point position on a 2D map.

Any help is appreciated.Thanks in advance.


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Thank you f1480187I am grateful for your answer. But clearly I am not as good as you think I am.I tried to put this wrangle before lat/long conversion.Also after conversion.But I guess I missed sth. here.And probably sth. very basic.I tried a couple of ways and still nothing.Do you mind showing this on scene file.Here is my scene.



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