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Converting Prim To Point Groups

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Is it easy to convert a prim group to a point group?

I can't find any methods to do it, so maybe you just have to loop through all the prim entries and find the point numbers and build a new point group. But I'm guessing there is an easier pre-rolled way to do this out there somewhere..... :huh: any ideas?

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Try using GEO_Closure. (eg. getPointClosure() ... it essentially does what you describe).


Since Ed helped me with this one a while back ago....here is a good snippet from an old long dead project. :)

const GB_PointGroup *ptGroup = NULL;
GEO_Closure closure(local_gdp);
// Convert the primGroup to a pointGroup
ptGroup = closure.getPointClosure(*riShaderGroups[i]);
// Convert back to a primGroup.  (Expands selection)
ribOutputGroup = closure.getPrimitiveClosure(*ptGroup);

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