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Create Polyline From Source To Destination

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Hello ,

I try to create polyline between "source" points to "destination" points.I created a point group and gave 
selected points a color attribute value @Cd.x= 1.Then unselected points @Cd.x = 0 .I created a poly line and add
 vertex to the points whose srcID = 1.
But I can't specify "destination" vertex to create polyline.Here is vex code I tried to put together.I appreciate if someone
point me to the right direction.I couldn't figure out where I messed up.
Thank in advance

int ingroup = inpointgroup(0, "group1", @ptnum);
if(ingroup == 1) 
{@Cd = set(1,0,0);} 
{@Cd = set(0,0,0);}
i@srcID = @Cd.x > 0.5;
i@destID= @Cd.x < 0.5;
i@id = @ptnum;

//int dest_array[] = array(@destID < 1);

int line = addprim(0,"polyline");
if (@srcID == 1){
    // addvertex(0,line,0);



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There is 4 source and 6 destination points. Is it correct? If yes, how do you want to connect them? Each source to all destinations? Source to nearest destination? Source to it's unique destination? The posted snippet can be stripped down and in terms of geometry creation it will be equivalent to:

@id = @ptnum;

int line = addprim(0, "polyline");
if (@group_group1)
    addvertex(0, line, @id);

At this moment, it creates degenerate primitives only.

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float srchrad = ch("searchradius");
int maxpts = chi("maxpoints");
int points[];

points = pcfind(1, "P", @P, srchrad, maxpts);

foreach(int ptsphere; points)
    int prim = addprim(geoself(), "polyline");
    vector newpos = point(1, "P", ptsphere);
    int newpt = addpoint(geoself(), newpos);
    addvertex(geoself(), prim, @ptnum);
    addvertex(geoself(), prim, newpt);

Hi,thanks again man.I have worked on these settings and recreated the scene with the help of some entegma tutorial.Now I can create polyline between source and destination points. And now

I am trying to filter the distance.Like if they are too close I don`t want a polyline.

I guess I need to edit this line  ///   int newpt = addpoint(geoself(), newpos);

I want to add point if the distance is more then some number which is controlled by a number on a  slider.I guess I need to use pcfind again .That`s me talking to myself sorry.I stuck in this part



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You can check if the distance between @P and new position it's large enough.

// Point wrangle.
foreach(int pt; nearpoints(1, @P, ch("max_distance"), chi("max_points")))
    vector pos = point(1, "P", pt);
    if (distance(@P, pos) > ch("min_distance"))
        int prim = addprim(0, "polyline");
        addvertex(0, prim, @ptnum);
        addvertex(0, prim, addpoint(0, pos));



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